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If you and your partner are struggling with drugs or alcohol,
couples rehab is here to help.
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At couples Rehab we understand that treatment is not a one size fits all.
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Couples Rehab

Relationships must be built on very strong bonds for a couple’s commitment to one another to last.  The commitment to, together, begin a new life journey, requires that same sort of strength.  But how wonderful a thought to begin an exciting new life of sobriety with someone you love, much like when you made the commitment to that person to begin with?

It takes true love, patience, partnership and dedication to make that “second honeymoon” last a lifetime.

Our very own Couples Rehab Program was featured on CNN’s LoveStory

A few months ago a crew from CNN contacted Broadway with interest in learning more about their Couple’s program track. After talking with the CEO they decided that they would like to come to the facility and do a segment about one of the couples who was attending the program. Very cool! Broadway feels honored that a national news network is interested in featuring their program that has helped so many couples successfully recover from addiction. The episode allows viewers to follow a young couple as they begin their journey of recovery. Both individuals were suffering from an opioid/opiate addiction, as so many Americans are today. Here is the most recent episode of CNN’s LoveStory featuring Broadway Treatment Center and the Graves’ family. Check it out:

Couples Rehab - Detox


Our partners who specialize in couples’ rehabilitation offer the service of acute inpatient detoxification. This is the highest level of detox care available and also the most thorough.

Couples Rehab - Residential


This type of treatment is categorized as being on the upper end of intermediate-level care. The couple’s residential treatment program can be as short or as long-term as our clients need.

Couples Rehab - Sober Living


In general, outpatient addiction treatment programs are quite flexible in terms of scheduling. They allow for a choice of different days of the week, different group times, and different program durations.

Couples Rehab - Couples Behavioral Therapy


The real program begins when the addiction treatment portion ends. This will ensure the best chance the recovering couple has at remaining sober.

Couples Rehab - Residential

Sober Living

They allow the couple to live in a facility which will provide a safe environment and remove them from circumstances that contributed towards their addiction.

Couples Rehab - After Care

Behavioral Therapy

Our partners offer substance abuse treatment programs that are specifically designed for couples in which both people are struggling with addiction, as well as for couples where just one partner is battling addiction.


Most Insurances Will Cover 100% of the Cost