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Relationships must be built on very strong bonds for a couple’s commitment to one another to last.  The commitment to, together, begin a new life journey, requires that same sort of strength.  But how wonderful a thought to begin an exciting new life of sobriety with someone you love, much like when you made the commitment to that person to begin with?

It takes true love, patience, partnership and dedication to make that “second honeymoon” last a lifetime.

And we can help you do it. Our couples’ rehab program is so innovative it caught the attention of CNN. We are proud to be opening the door to recovery for a segment of people usually rewarded by society, but historically discriminated against when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab: Couples.

Instead, the idea of couple’s drug and alcohol recovery (but in a simplistic sense) seemed not only absurd to the behavioral health community but damaging. Aren’t couple’s co-dependent, after all?

Usually when drugs or alcohol are involved, yes. This is why couples who have battled alcoholism and drug addiction be it one or both of them need to be ready when they get back together that second time, third time, fourth time, or fifth time. And hopefully after rebuilding a sober relationship together with the help of couples rehab, this time will be the lasting time.


At couple’s therapy rehab, we believe a couple already knows the kind of commitment it takes to get sober, and are here to help them harness it. Harness it into enjoying their relationships again, before it became all about the drugs or the booze.

Maybe rehab should best be described as learning to love one’s self again, which of course is a prerequisite to loving someone else. What a dilemma, then, when two partners or spouses both have lost the ability to love one’s self, which must be true if they are neglecting their physical and mental health.

Not only are habits learned during addiction hard to break because they are associated with drug use – even habits as simple as driving past the bar after work can really make you crave a drink – they’re hard to break because of this:

How will you and your loved one replace all the time you spent using the substance you were using the last several months or years?

How are you going to do it amidst the usual financial mess addiction leaves behind?

The answers we would offer as we welcome you into our program are, “Are you really having fun doing what you’re doing now?” and “Do you think your financial situation is going to get better under the current circumstances?”

And then we will help you and your loved one create that new life with our nationally recognized couples therapy rehab program.

Near a beach.

In Surf City, U.S.A.


The iconic, quintessential Orange County surfer town truly is a splash of happy Americana. Its clean coastline, for sure the coolest seaside strip in the Los Angeles basin, legendary pier and all, makes smiles.

It feels like a 1950s Annette Funicello flick and really takes you back to a simpler time.

Enjoying what California has to offer with the person you already have committed your life to. What could be better?

During drug addiction and alcohol treatment in couple’s therapy rehab in Orange County, you might decide to take up surfing after trying out our surf therapy treatment.

Never been up on a board to catch a wave? We can show you how.

You can take what is learned in your sobriety coaching and learn how to get up on a surfboard. What it’s about is using the strength you have inside you to make the adjustments to get up on that board. Not only the physical strength, but the intellectual strength as it pertains to balance.

Sober living is all about balance. It truly is exciting to succeed standing on your own two feet without drugs or alcohol.

Standing up on a surfboard for the first time is just as cool.


Even for people who don’t care for the 12 steps, there are nuggets of information about healthy living that come from those meetings that are golden. For that reason, we strongly recommend those completing couple’s rehab to at least consider the 12 steps in their aftercare program if they have not tried it before.

However, we recognize the 12 steps do not work for everyone, and are happy to help our clients find alternative group support aftercare programs. Focusing on getting couples sober together is the only thing we do. It’s why we’re experts at doing it. Our professional and structured yet compassionate couples rehab program includes several components.

Drug detox. Often, people addicted to drugs or alcohol will use that one last time before entering rehab. We make sure that final crash is as comfortable as possible.

Residential treatment. We offer a variety of accommodations for all budgets and modes of life: Luxury, at the beach, or simply comfortable and affordable.

During residential treatment, couples will learn how to functionally live together and thrive as a unit again. Whether one partner in the relationship wants to get off drugs and/or alcohol or both partners need help, we’re here to help.

Couples therapy and rehab for drug addiction and alcohol works well only when the couple itself is committed to their relationship as well as their sobriety. The first few months of sobriety can feel so exhilarating it’s easy to forget what happens if you do slip. That’s why residential treatment, with supervision and accountability, will but make a relapse impossible during your stay.

We offer 30-, 60-, and 90-day treatment programs.

Sober living. Many couples make the smart decision to transition to sober living after residential treatment. Here, they have more freedom than in residential rehab, but are living with other sober people, and do have some supervision and requisites.

As with residential treatment homes, we offer a variety of sober living home choices.

Outpatient care. While most couples reaching out for help with their drinking or addiction probably are best served by at least 30 days of residential treatment, in some cases outpatient care is appropriate. We offer flexible hours of care and treatment.

Intensive outpatient care. This program offers a popular, rare hybrid between outpatient care and residential treatment.

Aftercare. The most important part of your treatment is making sure you have a plan to stand on your own two feet. We’ll make sure you have that.


When it comes to effective couple’s drug rehab, our opioid and alcohol addiction treatment program has been proven successful. Take it from Ana S., who graduated along with her boyfriend from our program.

“This place is a hidden gem tucked away in the rehab world. If you want to honestly get right, this place will not only help you fly it will help you soar. I’ve been to four other inpatient treatment centers and this place has the right idea. It’s very homey…”

“Good relapse prevention program (out of the Staying Sober book- a must read for relapse prone clients and their families), Nexalin therapy, sand tray, psychodynamic therapy, trauma resolution, comprehensive personality test results based on Myers-Briggs (amazing; I found out a lot about my strengths and weaknesses), always see the people in charge and talk to them face to face, very accommodating, comfortable environment, incredible staff (most in recovery and they always look like they’re having fun and enjoying life.”

“They respect couples (I was here with my boyfriend and it was really cool), nutrition groups,..vitamin drip…pet-friendly, comfortable detox (the detox is a house, not a center), soft blankets….”

Let the sun set on the type of thinking that couples have to break up just because one or both of them have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Come to couple’s rehab in sun-splashed Orange County, California.

For couples who commit to getting sober together, the future is as bright as it was the day they knew they had found the one.