Couples Rehab Facilities

Our Couples Rehab facilities are located in beautiful Southern California. Right in the heartland of year-round warm weather, located close to the beaches, and not far from the mountains, Couples Rehab can offer it all.  What better place to recover than in warm, sunny, California!

Despite Hollywood stereotypes of hedonists indulging in every substance under the sun in the Los Angeles basin, the truth is that Southern Californians are incredibly health-conscious. Indeed, Southern California has a thriving recovery community. In fact, a recent WalletHub report listed California as one of a handful of states that has a good handle on addiction as compared to the rest of the United States. The reason isn’t because fewer people fall prey to addiction. It’s because they are more likely to seek treatment.

Part of that reason could be that there is a ring of truth to Southern California’s laid-back, “live and let live” attitude. At least when it comes to addiction, most Southern Californians, but certainly not all, don’t judge those affected by it. This is particularly true when the addicted reach out for help. Most Southern Californians, including the qualified rehabilitation professionals who work in our rehab centers, want to help. Many of our employees are in recovery themselves. They want to teach the ways of a joyful sober life to others.


It’s probably not a coincidence that Orange County’s thriving recovery community sees so much success in numbers. Our year-round temperate climate means that sober people can get outside and enjoy their sober lives and nourish that newfound good health.  Our climate allows us to offer all the great activities that we do, including surf therapy, yoga, equine therapy and more. Many people in recovery become amateur athletes after getting sober. It is true that the “runner’s high” has much the same effect on the brain as using drugs that produce euphoria. People in recovery go on to run marathons, compete in triathlons, go on bicycle rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and much more.

On top of being able to offer great locations, Couples Rehab provides clients with upgraded amenities such as free Wi-Fi.  Couples Rehab offers many different options in treatment centers. Anything from upscale luxury, beach communities, to quality affordable treatment facilities. We also have pet-friendly drug rehab centers that specialize in couple’s rehabilitation where you can bring your pet along with you. Your pet will be incorporated into your substance abuse treatment.

This isn’t just good for you, it’s good for your pet. You may think it sounds ridiculous, but your pet no doubt has suffered from the addiction of you and/or your partner or spouse. Also, your pet is a very important part of your household.  Like a child, the pet can nurture your sobriety as it sees you and your partner or spouse living a better life. Undoubtedly, the pet is going to live a better life, too.

A stable yet comfortable atmosphere

It is our goal to help couples who are currently struggling with active addiction. One of the ways we can do this is by providing a safe, clean, and supportive environment that is conducive to getting clean and remaining sober. We believe that a stable, yet comfortable, atmosphere is what will help our clients succeed.  Our rehab centers are inside homes instead of hospital-like environments. People with addiction who also may have extraordinarily busy lives (many do burn it at both ends after all and even maintain stressful corporate jobs to finance their habits) might even feel like they are on a bit of a vacation.

Netflix, Hulu and all the modern forms of entertainment are available at our facilities. Residents may bring their cellphones and laptops, a privilege not bestowed by many rehab centers. Couples Rehab delivers a compassionate environment that emphasizes individualized treatment as well as couples’ treatment. Our innovative therapies combined with our comfortable and stable environment is a great place for our clients to achieve and learn to maintain sobriety.

Allowing our clients access to the resources they need

Couples Rehab is partnered with many facilities throughout California, which allows our clients access to the resources they need. We will work with you and your partner to incorporate your relationship into the recovery process.

Do you and your partner agree when shopping for things like furniture? Eventually you have too if you’re going to live in the same house. But it probably only comes after much shopping around, and asking lots of questions. That’s what we’re here for.

And after shopping around, you will find that our Couples Rehab truly is unique.

We understand that each couple will have different requirements when it comes to choosing a treatment facility. We will work closely with you and your partner to decide which one of our facilities would best suit the couple’s needs. It will be important for both of you to choose a place where you feel most comfortable. While you may come out of rehab feeling relaxed and recharged, remember it’s not a vacation. Getting sober is a lot of work. Luxury accommodations are just that, but remember you still will be at rehab, not a hotel. Conversely, for some, the idea of rehab is so disconcerting that it seems much more palatable when the accommodations are to the nines.


Many times, an addicted couple’s environment is toxic and it is recommended that they travel to start on their path to recovery. Couples rehab can provide the stability and comfort that is conducive for a successful recovery.

Although Southern Californians generally are open-minded about addiction, this certainly is not the case in other parts of the country. When things like pride or shame get in the way of speaking openly about addiction, people don’t seek help. Shame often is conveyed by the people surrounding the addicted or the alcoholic. They usually can’t just “pull it together” without help. And in some parts of the country, there just isn’t a firm understanding of addiction, particularly in communities that perhaps never really experienced it to the current degree prior to the opioid crisis.  Unfortunately, such places can feel incredibly stifling to people struggling to overcome addiction. It can be very difficult to get into a mindset of recovery in a community where you believe you have no support.

In fact, some people who attend rehab at our centers from out of state decide to permanently relocate to Southern California. Being surrounded by other sober people in a warm (literally!) and uplifting environment truly is critical to staying sober. Whether you’re coming from Los Angeles, Cape Cod, Lake Forest, or Louisiana, we can better treat you when the distractions of life, and the triggers of your surroundings, aren’t competing with our compassion. To that end, we do all we can to keep you focused on your recovery.

Give us a call today and let us start you on your journey to freedom.