Couples Addiction Recovery

Many couples that are struggling with addiction have a difficult time finding an substance abuse treatment center that will accept both members of the couple at the same time. We specialize in helping couples, whether they are married or not, both recover from substance abuse at the same facility. Many facilities feel that couples should be separated due to the amount of self-work each person has to do while in treatment for substance abuse. Our partnered treatment facilities believe that it is possible for a committed couple to simultaneously recover from addiction. We even feel that recovering together is beneficial to each person’s individual recovery as well as to the relationship. Our partners have discovered a healthy balance between focusing on individual recovery as well as providing support to one another. We can help you and your significant other discover the freedom and new life that sobriety can bring. A life that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol tainting the health and happiness of your relationship.

Couples who are both struggling with addiction

Addiction is a family disease, and that rings very true when it effects both people involved in a relationship. Addiction steals from your relationship, quickly turning it unhealthy. Many times both partners are unhappy and the addiction has created an emotional disconnect. This leads to a lot of arguing which can possibly turn violent while one (or both) of the partners is under the influence. Addiction becomes the center in which the relationship is focused on, which breaks down the trust and security aspects of the partnership. All of these negative issues create a cyclical pattern that actually increases substance use. Partners use to escape the problems and stress in their relationship, which in turn creates more issues. This is why it is very important for couples to seek drug and alcohol rehabilitation together. This will give them a fighting chance to save their relationship as well as work on their individual sobriety.

Our programs allow growth as a healthy and sober couple

This scenario is a lot more common than you think. Many people who abuse drugs or alcohol make friends with, date, and marry people who are also addicts themselves. By nature, addicts tend to surround themselves with others who are most like themselves. Please know that if you and your partner are both struggling with addiction, that you are not alone.  Our partners offer programs that are specifically designed for couples in which both people are struggling with addiction. These programs are tailored to help each person recover as a healthy individual but also grow and heal together as a couple. It is important that both of these steps be taken during recovery and to not just work on the romantic relationship. An individual needs to be in a total healthy state; emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically, to be a member of a functional romantic relationship. Once an addict has become more balanced and functional as in individual, then it is time to work on rebuilding their romantic relationship through behavioral couples therapy for alcoholism and drug abuse (couples behavioral therapy). Couples behavioral therapy is offered as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan. This type of therapy will help to heal and grow the relationship that was once tainted with addiction.

After the treatment phase, couples must work toward an aftercare plan. Aftercare is a lifelong process, and couples need to work to stay sober for the rest of their lives. You can work with your family and other support members to come up with a plan that works for both of you. So, it is important that you understand how to approach recovery from addiction so that you can help your partner to heal. The recovery process will make it easier for you to reconnect with each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Aside from providing emotional support for your partner, couples addiction treatment is also a great way to improve your relationship with your partner. By working together, you can overcome past problems and rebuild trust. Couples counseling and therapy will help you improve your communication skills, improve your self-awareness, and find a way to communicate effectively. The goal is to make your partner feel better about themselves and each other, while ensuring that you both remain committed to your recovery.

Couples Relapse Prevention

Providing support and empathy to your partner is an important part of recovery. Your partner needs your love and support to overcome the disease of addiction. It is important to remember that you cannot take your partner’s path onto your own; instead, you should love and encourage them through their recovery. Remember that being a support for your partner doesn’t mean giving in to their addiction, but it does help to provide a supportive environment. By setting boundaries, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively, and you’ll be able to accept their needs and make them easier to work through.

While couples addiction treatment is a vital component of recovery, it is only the beginning. Recovery takes time, commitment, and dedication. It is important to remember that a strong and supportive relationship will increase your chances of success. Couples addiction recovery centers offer aftercare plans to support abstinence and sobriety. They may also involve couples counseling or participation in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. In addition to counseling, couples therapy can also be beneficial for both partners.

In addition to being important to an addict’s physical and mental health, relationships can also be damaged by their addiction. As an addict, you understand the ins and outs of addiction. Whether it’s alcohol or prescription drugs, you and your partner are bound to share the same experiences and emotions. Having someone in the same situation will help you deal with these issues and create a stronger relationship. If you and your partner are committed to each other, you’ll be able to help each other heal from addiction.

A good couples rehab program will allow both partners to focus on their addiction treatment. While a spouse is receiving treatment, you may not be able to attend a therapy session together. In such cases, you may begin treatment separately. You may also want to choose a treatment program suited to your needs. While couples rehab may benefit your relationship, it’s best for both of you to choose a rehab that will strengthen your bond.