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LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, which is a hallucinogenic drug made from the lysergic acid. LSD can dissolve in water and is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. It is available as a liquid, in capsules, and tablets. Up until now, this drug has no legitimate use medically. Thus, all use of the drug is considered as illicit.

The physical addiction to the drug is very rare.  This is why the drug is not included on the list of highly addictive drugs. LSD does not produce the cravings that we associate with the physical addiction. Unlike addictive drugs, this will not cause withdrawal symptoms in users.  This is why many people are able to stop using it without any help from the experts.

The drug moves in our brain the same way serotonin does and it can influence our mood. In works on the cerebral cortex, that involves our perception, mood, and thought. It also affects the brain’s locus coeruleus, which is the one responsible for coordinating our sensory perceptions. Drug or alcohol addiction can cause serious harm to the user and cause issues among friends and family members. If you are looking for a treatment center for drugs or you are looking for a rehab that accepts couples please contact the number provided and speak with an addiction specialist.

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LSD experience is referred to as the trip. If the experience is a sickening or frightening one, it is considered a bad trip. The usual duration of these trips are around 6 to 12 hours.

LSD Psychological Dependence

Although there is no physical dependence on the drug LSD, there is a tendency for patients to be psychologically addicted.  Users of this drug can be distracted with its dazzling high and pyrotechnic effects that can lead to addiction. For some people, this gives them an avenue to escape reality. Using the drug can turn into a habit for people whenever they are in a situation that requires them to interact socially.

The risk of physical addiction to the drug is little, as the drug is not an addictive one. This may be the reason why there is no documented evidence of patients showing signs of withdrawal symptoms.  However, many people keep on using this drug and develop an addiction to it due to it being psychologically addictive.

The Symptoms of LSD Addiction

‘Flashbacks’ are common experiences for the LSD users. This flashback refers to the short trip that user experienced long after the drug has worn off. The users can still experience flashbacks even a year after their last intake.   Many factors can trigger the flashbacks such as sleepiness and stress.

The users of the drug can also feel different emotions all at once or they can be subjected to mood swings that are dramatic. The drug can also produce visual hallucinations and delusions such as shimmering effects, and melting or bleeding walls. There are also times when the user perceives some alterations in his or her body. The drugs can produce hallucinations that can make the users panicky. This is why many of users suffer from self-injury and dangerous reactions in response to their hallucinations.

The signs and symptoms differ for LSD use and for LSD abuse, though. Some of the symptoms of LSD use include:

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      Dry mouth or salivation

LSD symptoms Weakness


LSD symptoms Erratic behavior

      Erratic behavior

LSD symptoms Rapid heart rate

      Rapid heart rate, convulsions, nausea, and dizziness

LSD symptoms Blurred vision

      Blurred vision

LSD symptoms Chills or sweating

      Chills or sweating

LSD symptoms Paranoia, depression

      Paranoia, depression, anxiety or depression

LSD symptoms Mood swings

      Mood swings

LSD symptoms Tingling toes or fingers

      Tingling toes or fingers

LSD symptoms Dilated pupils

    Dilated pupils

For LSD abuse or addiction, the symptoms include:

  • Confused perception of reality
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Tremors
  • High Blood pressure
  • Permanent changes in perception
  • Hallucinations
  • Flashbacks

LSD use can bring about a lot of health risks. The following short-term physical symptoms are the other signs that can result from using the drug.

LSD health risks Numbness


LSD health risks Body odor

      Body odor

LSD health risks Loss of Appetite

      Loss of Appetite

LSD health risks Muscle Weakness

      Muscle Weakness

LSD health risks Goose Bumps

      Goose Bumps

LSD health risks Heavy perspiration

      Heavy perspiration

LSD health risks Palpitations


LSD health risks Poor Coordination

      Poor Coordination

LSD health risks Trembling


The Effects/Side Effects

The effects of LSD addiction can differ from one individual to another. What they will experience depends on their body chemistry and on the dose they have ingested. When taking LSD, most people experience mood changes. They can feel many things at once – there can be peacefulness, anxiety, euphoria, depression and more.  A high dose of the drug produces delusions and hallucinations. It can also change how people perceive their bodies.  Some of them even experienced the ‘cross over’ effect. It is a state where the senses are being confused. The user starts to perceived color as taste or sound. The drugs can also make the user feel panicky or terrorized.

LSD can cause long-lasting effects to its users even after they use the drug.  The flashback is one of those.  Flashbacks come without warning. There is also no way for anyone to guess or predict when it will come. This means that you can experience it even when you are at school, work or anywhere.  Moreover, flashbacks cannot be stopped. You need to wait for it to stop on its own and you have no control over it.

Using LSD and abusing it can lead to consequences. The consequences can be either short-termed or long-termed. Physical effects from the addiction of the drug may be minimal but they can be dangerous too. On the other hand, the psychological effects are extremely dangerous and intense.  The physical side effects of LSD include:

  • Hyperthermia
  • Impaired motor skills
  • Increased appetite
  • Rapid breathing
  • Hypothermia
  • Dilated Pupils

There are also numerous side effects psychologically. Prolonged use of the drug can lead to:

  • Pleasant emotions
  • Major depression
  • Unpleasant emotions
  • Panic attacks
  • Irritability
  • Psychosis
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety

Most of these side effects subside after the drug has worn off. However, some of them can continue even after the patient stops using it. We should also consider the accidents and dangerous things that the users can do while under the effect of LSD. Addiction to LSD can also lead to the ruin of relationships of the users between their family and friends.   Dependence to the drug can also cost you your financial resources and the job you love. There are even those who end up in prison because of their addiction.


LSD Rehabs

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What are the Treatments for LSD Addiction?

Addiction to LSD could take a quick turn from bad to worse so it would be best if you know the right treatments for the addicted person. The most popular being residential rehab or outpatient rehab. In curing LSD addiction, it is not enough that you just know what LSD is, you should have the correct insights into what is the best course of treatment for addiction to the drug. In knowing the right information, you have the edge to helping the patient recover. The information and treatment will provide the assurance that the patient will no longer use the Drug.

The following are the effective treatments in curing LSD Addiction:

Monitoring of Physical and Psychological Well-Being of the Patient

As one of the preventive measures, one can be assured that the patient’s addiction will lessen. In some cases, the right monitoring of the addict’s condition will provide a thorough examination of his or her behavior and the best treatments for their specific situation. With effective monitoring, the doctor could diagnose the right treatments. In terms of the physical testing, there will be series tests that could be done to the patient. The tests will determine the other possible complications the patient may be experiencing.

In terms of the psychological tests, the patient will undergo tests that make him or her no longer feel the effects of the drug, with the given counseling, the patient could take medication that will relieve his or her mind of the harmful results of drug use. The doctor will further run tests on the patient in order to make sure that his or her behavior is clearly monitored. If this happens, you can be assured that the patient will gain his or her sense of focus again.

The Group and Individual Therapy

Therapy is one of the best treatments for LSD addiction. This will give the patient a sense of worth and a direction of change. LSD addiction cannot be cured overnight. It needs time and patience to make it happen. In the therapy session, the patient is given the right treatment using group or individual sessions. These sessions will determine the condition of the patient. The right advice that will be done in the session will prevent the patient of returning to LSD use.

Taking the Proper Medication

It is never too late to take the right and effective medication for any side effects a patient is experiencing from their LSD use. Most doctors would recommend the drugs that would lessen the depressing result produced by the drug. This will relieve the tension and will provide the patient the assurance of a healthy recovery. Most of the medications that are prescribed curb the patients cravings for the drug. However, this cannot be done by medicine alone. It takes the willingness and the dedication of the patient to recover. Broadway Treatment Center also provides holistic measures as an alternative to medicinal help.

Seeking Out the Best Therapist

In most cases of LSD and addiction, seeking out the best therapist is one of the best treatments in curing addiction. The best therapist will provide you with the right and effective guidance on the things to do during these cases. There is a need for a therapist in order to make sure that the patient will have the medication that is best suited to him or her. The therapist can give recommendations on the right programs that could be used as a form of a therapy session.

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Entering a Rehabilitation Program

Yes, in most cases of an individual suffering from LSD addiction, taking the patient to the nearest rehab center is one of the best solutions to the problem. A rehab center has the effective facilities that would provide you and the patient excellent service. If you are determined in curing the patient, it would be the best option. However, choosing the right facility will ensure that the effects of LSD will gradually lessen on the part of the patient.

Engage in Support Organizations and Rehab

The treatment of LSD does not end in taking the patient to a rehab center or giving him or her the right medications. This must go on if you will engage in other support organizations or rehab centers. This could be the start of a campaign against LSD addiction. You will not only help one patient but will able to assist others as well. You can create the awareness on what is LSD and make sure that many programs will assist other LSD addicted patients. In this way, you have the assurance that the fight for LSD will never stop.

What treatments for LSD addiction? The above-mentioned treatments are to be effective. This will give you the assurance that when it comes to LSD, one deserves the right and effective treatments. It would add to your assurance that the addiction over the drug can be cured. Please Call Broadway Treatment Center today at 714-443-8218 today to speak with one of our counselors. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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