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Looking for more information about a couples rehab in Orange County California? Substance abuse is the inappropriate use of mood-altering substances in frequency and doses that significantly impairs the relationship of people with the external world. Substances that are commonly misused by couples include alcohol, opioids, heroin, methamphetamine, sleeping pills, and other prescription substances.

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An Orange County couples rehab is a drug rehabilitation center where couples with substance abuse are treated. However, It is very important to find whether the patient is addicted to the substance or he is not. The affected individual can also have substance use disorder, as it is described by the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders.

Here we will tell you why couples get addicted to drugs, why they need treatment, and how Couples Rehab can help them. So don’t go anywhere and read on.

Why Do Couples Use Substances of Abuse?

The circumstances that force people to go into substance abuse are multiple, and it is not easy to blame it on a single factor. The most common factors include:

Failure to meet responsibilities:

Being in a relationship brings a lot of responsibilities. From meeting the emotional and psychological needs of the partner to rearing the kids, couples have to be there to face the challenges. Dealing with these challenges leaves very little time for them to work on themselves. Over time, they get exhausted, and they fail to meet the other responsibilities too. Thus, a vicious cycle starts, which ends in people fleeing from reality and using drugs.

Mental disorders:

Couples with mental disorders are more prone to get addicted to drugs than those who are mentally sound. A mentally ill person cannot fight the stress posed by different life events. A fight already going on inside him does not allow him to hold his nerves and fight the outside world.

Impaired control:

Sometimes, individuals in a relationship do not figure out the amount of control they need to have over their partner’s life. They don’t know the limits and resultantly either cling to their partner excessively Or leave them alone. They also have impaired control over the use of prescribed medications. All of these factors result in them getting addicted to drugs.

Lack of self-esteem and respect:

People in relationships normally support each other. The amount of support that they get from their partners can help them build self-confidence and self-esteem, which then give them the ability to fight the urge of addiction.

Dependent personality disorder:

People with dependent personality disorder have the inability to decide for themselves. They are always dependent on others to set rules or design a path for them. When they stop getting the support they need, their shields collapse. Finding no way to protect themselves, they prefer running away and taking shelter in drugs.

Why do drug-addicted couples need help?

Family is the basic unit of society. For the perfect functioning of society, it is very critical that families function properly. When one or both of the partners of a family get addicted to drugs, they are not able to give a hundred percent of their efforts to the relationship. It results in functional disability for the family and thus the society. Some of the common consequences of drug abuse by couples are:

Abnormal and secretive behavior:

People, who start using drugs for pleasure purposes for the first time, keep it a secret. It is because they know that this behavior will not be accepted by their family members and friends. They start to keep other things secretive to themselves. They do not reveal their feelings and emotions to their family members, which leads to an increase in the trust deficit.

Trust issues:

Drug addicts lie easily. They cheat on their partners and betray them. It is very difficult to believe in their words or their actions. They can do anything to make drugs available for themselves. The lack of trust will further weaken the already damaged relationship. The absence of loyalty, honesty, and respect makes it difficult for the families to create an atmosphere that is suitable for thriving and development.

Anger outbursts:

Different types of substances of abuse are found to make the person who takes them violent and angry. They get into frequent fights, which make their personal and occupational life a nonsuccessful one. Drugs that are found to be directly linked with anger outbursts, irritation, and violence include alcohol, cocaine, MDMA, and methamphetamine. Anger issues can also lead to physical violence and abuse.


To minimize and prevent the adverse effects caused by a drug addict on the family members, one of the partners assumes the role of enabler. They take the whole blame on themselves. They work hard even beyond their capacity to make amends for what they have not done. This enabling role, over time, weak their own personality and outlook towards life. The absence of any supportive hand makes them vulnerable to many types of anxiety disorders.

Adverse effects on kids:

What happens in the house directly affects the children. Frequent fights between parents are found to be the most crucial risk factor for children to have post-traumatic stress disorder in the future. Their grades deteriorate, and they lack confidence. They are shy, less cooperative, and not able to withstand societal pressure. The violence they see at home becomes a part of their personality. They get into frequent brawls. They may start using drugs themselves. They are also vulnerable to the crime world.


Drug addicts are dependent on others. They can’t work. They can’t earn money. They continuously need money for drugs which have to be provided by the others. This significantly affects the financial condition of the family.

How Couples Rehab Works

How Couples Rehab Works

How can couple rehab help drug-addicted couples?

Couples rehab has extensive experience in helping couples with drug addiction and substance abuse. We work day and night to provide the couple with the opportunity to have a second life because what we believe in is that everybody deserves a second chance. Some of the services that we offer include:

Orange County Outpatient Rehab Program

In the outpatient program, the patients are not admitted to the facility. They are treated by conducting outpatient psychotherapy sessions and cognitive behavioral therapy. They are also given medications that can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Couples Detox Program Orange County

It is very important to detoxify the drug that has already entered the body and is causing damage to the vital organs. We have a team of specialists who have the skills and experience that are needed to let the body nullify the harmful effects of a drug without causing extreme level withdrawal effects. The detox care that we offer is the most sophisticated and advanced present in the country.

Couples Inpatient program Orange County

Sometimes, for the couples to get treated, they must be admitted to the facility. Couples who need inpatient care can benefit from our residential program.

Couples Residential Progam

Depending on the severity of the addiction, we may have to admit the couples to our residential program, where we provide a high-quality residential experience to the couple and try to end their addiction. The residential can be short-term or long-term and is optimized according to the needs of the patients. In a residential program, we not only cure your addiction but also takes them out of the harmful and damaging environment.

Long Term Recovery Program

Addiction is not easy to quit. The withdrawal symptoms and recurring craving to get high can make the redemption hard. A patient is said to have undergone a long-term recovery and remission when they have entirely stopped or minimized the amount of dose to the level that will not harm them for at least five years.

In a long-term recovery program, we help the patients forge healthy relationships with their friends, family members, and society. We make them believe that they are stronger than the urge they have to use drugs and get high. To achieve that, we enable them to fight their dichotomous personality. Living in the past and not being able to face the traumas can also reduce the chances of remission. We work to prepare the patient to face reality.

Couples counseling for substance abuse

Sometimes, all you have to do is to give people a gentle push or a belief that they have what is needed to fight the demons in their minds. Couples counseling is an extremely effective tool to treat the drug addiction menace.

Helping the two people living together at the same time is important because what happens to one has a direct impact on the other. It is also helpful to discuss the issues that are weakening their relationship and give them tips regarding how they can use their family support to get rid of the drug addiction problem.

Why Couples Rehab?

Couples Rehab is a trusted source to find a rehab facility that has a history of helping many people in their rehabilitation journey. What specializes us is the fact that most clinics don’t have facilities for couples, but we have. Couples rehab also works with centers across the country so that everyone gets help in their own locality. Learn more about the best couples rehabilitation centers in Orange County California by contacting us now.