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Do you have a loved one who is battling addiction? Here in San Diego, California, the struggle of addiction touches everyone. If someone you love or care about needs help to overcome addiction, the best place to start is with Couples Rehab San Diego.

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Our program focuses on uncovering what caused the addiction and how we can help with destructive thinking patterns and behaviors.

It’s hard enough for one spouse to convince the other that they need the assistance of a professional couples counseling for substance abuse. And it’s hard for the couple to decide whether the spouse in need of help is their partner or if someone else is at fault. You are here in either or both cases because you realize that it’s time to get help.

What is Couples Rehab?

Couples rehab, also known as couples therapy, is a form of psychotherapy that helps couples resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. It’s typically a short-term treatment, although the number of sessions can vary.

It’s suitable for all kinds of couples: married or unmarried, straight or gay, young or old, with or without children.

It’s also for couples who are dating and want to explore the possibility of marriage. A couple’s therapist may employ various techniques to help partners communicate better and understand themselves and their partners.

Marriage counseling, also called marriage therapy, examines the issues in a relationship and works to improve communication between partners. Research shows that about 70 percent of couples benefit from marriage counseling — even if only one partner participates.

How Can A San Diego Couples Rehab Program Help You?

Couples rehab is a type of treatment that is designed to help individuals who are in romantic relationships.

By going through couples therapy and drug or alcohol treatment together, these people can heal and grow in their relationship. There are many benefits an individual can receive from going to couples rehab. Here are 9 ways a couples rehab program can help you:

1.     Provide Treatment for Addiction

The first way that a couple’s rehab program can help you is by providing both of you with long-term recovery from your addictions. If only one of you is addicted, they will be treated separately from you initially.

Then, when that person is ready, they will join your sessions to learn how to deal with the addiction together. If both of you are addicted, you will be treated together from the very beginning.

2.     Resolve Relationship Issues

The second way that a couple’s rehab program can help you is by providing both of you with counseling for your relationship issues.

As stated above, problems tend to arise when there is an addiction. You will learn about all of these problems and how to solve them so that they do not cause harm to your relationship again after recovery.

3.     Rebuilding Trust and Connection

Addiction often causes people to lie to their loved ones and keep secretsCouples rehab helps rebuild this trust by providing a safe space for couples to communicate openly about their problems and needs.

4.     Learning New Communication Skills

Communication is vital for any healthy relationship, but addiction can make it difficult for people to express themselves clearly or listen actively when others are talking.

Moreover, you will learn how to communicate in healthier ways to strengthen your bond with your partner.

5.     Healing Individually

While couples rehab aims to repair the damage done as a couple, each person will also work on healing individually.

You will be able to work through personal issues that may have caused or contributed to your addiction, such as trauma, abuse, or mental illness, and learn how to overcome these issues.

6.     You Can Tackle Your Addiction Together

Doing so will allow both of you to take advantage of therapy sessions together while giving you time apart, depending on the situation.

7.     Beside Yourself

Spend time away from your daily life and situation. Spend time with others who are going through similar struggles as you. Make new friends and hear about how they deal with their issues.

This can be helpful because you will see that you are not alone in what you are going through. In addition, you may get new ideas on how to handle a situation or problem.

8.     Honest Self-Assessment

Be able to see yourself differently. Be able to see your behavior and learn more about yourself in a safe, non-judgmental setting.

9.     Group Work and Classes

Learn techniques to deal with your problems and issues healthily. Learn skills to better communicate with each other in times of crisis or stress, or conflict.

Learn how to stay sober and maintain sobriety once you leave treatment through relapse prevention classes and groups such as AA or NA (Alcoholics Anonymous/ Narcotics Anonymous).

San Diego Couples Rehab Center

What to expect in Couples Rehab

What You Should Expect after Entering A San Diego Couples Rehab Program?

Once you have done your pre-assesment for the couples rehab in San Diego, you will be admitted to a medical detox facility when you enter the program. This is where you will be able to withdraw from any substances you may have been using safely.

Couples Addiction Helpline: (888) 500-2110

You will be under 24/7 medical supervision, and you can rest assured that your needs will be taken care of. After your body has eliminated all substances, you will move on to the next step.

The next step is residential treatment. Here, you will spend 90 days working with therapists and counselors to determine what issues are at the root of your substance use disorder.

You will learn skills that you can use in recovery to overcome these issues and prevent relapse. You will also work with a case manager who will help identify potential roadblocks along the way and offer strategies for remaining sober after the program ends.

You won’t have to worry about shopping or cooking meals; we’ll take care of that for you. You have to focus on recovery, and we’ll handle the rest.

Top 5 Benefits of a Couple’s Rehab in San Diego?

If you’re considering couple’s rehab, here are some of the benefits you can experience by going through treatment together.

1.     Understanding addiction and trauma

If your partner has an addiction or mental health issue like PTSD, you may have difficulty understanding their feelings or what they’re going through. You might be frustrated with their behavior or struggle to know how to help them cope with their symptoms.

2.     A chance to rekindle a love connection

Addiction can destroy intimacy and trust between partners. A couple’s rehab provides a safe place where two people can work together to rebuild their relationship while they work on their recovery from addiction at the same time.

Because both partners are focused on recovery, it can create an atmosphere where emotional healing and growth can happen more quickly than possible when only one partner is working on getting clean and sober.

3.     Being honest with each other

The most crucial benefit of couples’ rehab is that it helps you be honest about your addiction. You might have been hiding your habit from each other for years or perhaps even hiding it from yourself.

4.     Provide a safe place to talk

Couples’ rehab gives you a safe place to talk about your problems with substance abuse.

You might feel afraid to open up about these issues, but doing so can help heal the damage done by addiction and any hidden resentments or feelings of betrayal that either of you has been holding onto for a long time.

5.     Trust can be rebuilt and strengthened

One of the essential parts of every relationship is trust. It allows a couple to feel safe and secure when they are together or apart and have a healthy feeling of security in the relationship itself.

When addiction occurs, a couple’s sense of trust is often compromised or even destroyed entirely in some cases. Couples rehab can help couples rebuild this trust by providing an environment that promotes honesty and transparency between both parties.

This can help couples learn how to trust each other again without fear of relapse or further damage by either party.

How Long Will Couples Rehab Take?

It takes 90 days for the brain to heal, and many programs are longer. Some programs can be shorter depending on the severity of the addiction, but it is best to assume that you will be in a couples rehab for one to 3 months.

In other words, couples rehab will try to offer you and your partner for at least 90 days. They believe that their situation is different than everyone else’s and that they can recover in a shorter time.

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Couples Rehab in San Diego specializes in outpatient and inpatient rehab programs. We offer top-notch addiction treatment services to those willing to kick the addiction and work towards a fulfilling life once again.

At our couples rehab San Diego facility, we have the experience, staff, and technology to help you overcome your addiction. Many of our patients suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is the most common form of addiction in the United States.

At the San Diego couples rehab center, we specialize in treating this disease. Our goal is to help you stop drinking and get your life back. If you or someone you love has a drinking problem, call us today. We can help!

Moreover, we use a combination of traditional and alternative therapies to treat our patients. Some of our treatments include acupuncture, meditation, nutrition counseling, and exercise programs.

These therapies are effective because they address the whole person – not just the symptoms of the disease. Treating both the mind and body can help our patients achieve long-term sobriety. Learn more about San Diego couples rehab programs contact the addiction helpline provided.