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Couples Rehab is located in the beautiful sunshine state of California. Our Couples addiction treatment program is quickly gaining popularity throughout southern California. Although many addiction treatment centers are now offering a couples program track, most of them do not allow couples to recover together at the same facility. That is not the case with our popular couples addiction treatment program. Our team believes that recovering together as a couple will better our clients chances at lasting sobriety. Our couples program has increased so much in popularity that it has caught the attention of the national news network, CNN. Our program was recently featured on CNN’s LoveStory series. The episode follows a young couple through the beginning of their recovery journey from opiate addiction. Viewers get a glimpse of what early recovery looks like by watching the couple attend therapy sessions, community events, and a variety of meetings. This feature allows people to see the positive impact that a couple’s love and support for one another has on their recovery from addiction.

CNN Featured Our Orange County Drug Rehab Program for Couples

America is truly in a crisis amidst the opioid epidemic. The number of people suffering from an opiate/opioid addiction in America is astonishing. Things have gotten so bad that our president declared the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency last year. America has finally recognized just how dire the situation has actually become. Opioid use now kills more than 100 Americans each and every day. Between the overprescribing of opioid containing pain medications by doctors, and the greedy pharmaceutical companies who are aggressively pushing their products, is it the perfect storm for disaster. No wonder we are in the middle of a crisis. Unfortunately if our country does not make some drastic changes soon the opioid addiction problem will just continue to grow exponentially.

This epidemic has led to more and more couples finding themselves struggling with an active opioid addiction. There are many addiction treatment centers throughout the county but very few of them will allow a couple to recover together at the same facility. In fact, many facilities won’t even allow both partners of the couple attend at the same time. It was previously an industry standard that couples be separated during their time at an addiction treatment center. The was advised so that an individual’s recovery was not affected or dependant on their partners sobriety, or lack thereof.

The views on this are changing and Couples Rehab Treatment Center is proud to provide one of the first programs where couples are allowed to recover together. We believe there is no separation necessary for a couple to achieve sobriety. We have found that allowing couples to heal and grow together through addiction treatment increases their chances for successful and long term recovery. The support system that a relationship provides is an effective tool for recovery. Of course this is only true if both partners of the couple adopt new and healthy habits together.

Much of our client’s success in our couples therapy program is from the implementation of our innovative take on couples behavioral therapy (CBT). We have tailored our couples program to specifically help couples who are looking to attend drug and alcohol addiction treatment together. This means attending meetings, therapy, and community events together as a unit; in addition to some individual sessions too. We created our program to focus on individual recovery as well as growing and rebuilding the romantic relationship. During CBT couples will learn how to provide support to one another through the tough times in hopes to help prevent relapse. Our clients will identify and work through other issues besides addiction that have harmed their relationship. While working through these issues the couple will be able to recognize and correct any enabling or codependent behavior that is present. Once both partners have healed individually and together as a couple, their relationship will become a positive influence on keeping their new found sobriety long lasting.