Why Do Men Leave Women

Why Does a Man Leave a Good Woman

Are you wondering why men leave women & searching for some explanations? Well, the truth is there are a number of reasons, including fatigue, lack of perspective, dissimilarity of characters, and unwillingness to hear each other. However, none of these reasons is definitive. Ultimately, you must consider your own needs and circumstances before deciding whether your relationship is destined to fail. In any case, there are some basics to watch for and these reasons that follow will help you understand why men leave women. Read on to discover more about the causes and possible solutions.


If you find that your man is constantly exhausted, and you know it isn’t an obvious excuse, it could be a symptom of a serious underlying health condition; both physical and mental. If you suspect this is the case, it is important to seek medical attention and treatment. A psychiatrist can help you diagnose and treat a mental health disorder.

In some cases, the cause of the fatigue is easily diagnosable and corrected with simple changes in his behavior. Cutting back on work or alcohol or eating more nutritious food can improve your energy levels. Other times, you may need to make larger changes, such as changing your diet. It can be hard to make these changes, so a supportive group can be helpful. Sometimes, it can help to have a support group to guide you through the process.

The problem to be concerned with is that he may be dealing with unmet needs that are lead to his unhappiness. Unmet needs leave a man feeling bored and unwanted, which can drive him to end a relationship. Boredom can present as depression. If it’s not that your man is boring, it may be that he finds you boring and that is a hard trait to overcome. The plain truth is, boredom can end with him leaving you. A man with unmet needs may also be insecure, irritable, or simply not interested in you. You can solve these problems by working on you and becoming more confident and aware of who you are.

Remember, there are many causes of fatigue. Fatigue is common in many people, and it is a common symptom of many different health problems. A medical professional can determine if you’re experiencing symptoms that may be a sign of depression or other medical condition. Getting more exercise can also help your energy levels and improve your overall quality of life. The best way to combat this issue is to find out what’s causing your fatigue.

Unwillingness to understand and hear each other

Unwillingness to understand and hear each other

According to international studies, one of the top reasons men leave women is an unwillingness to listen and understand each other. Incompatible partners and incompatibility are often the first cause cited, but there are others that include: emotional distance, getting married too early, and spousal abuse. Many couples also report problems getting along, such as religious differences or drug or alcohol abuse. Some couples say they wish they had known about those red flags long before, and now had chosen to leave their partners as incompatibility was a wall they could not get over.


A recent study by sociologist Alicia Walker on the reason men cheat on their wives revealed some interesting truths. She discovered that a man’s motivation for cheating on his wife was based primarily on a base level need for sex. A lesser percentage of cheaters can be described as the insecure men, and they often cheat because they feel unseen, unloved, and sexual intercourse with strangers becomes a confidence aid and an important way for them to feel recognized and legitimate. These men often choose partners who will validate their emotional needs, and do not stray, but if they choose poorly they will look outside their relationships for validation. You have heard the saying “once a cheater always a cheater” unfortunately this can be true.

According to the American Sociological Association, 15 percent of financially dependent men cheat on their partners. This figure increases when the man is younger and earns less than 70% of the household income. Men tend to be less likely to cheat if they earn more than seventy percent of the household income. Moreover, the higher the earnings of a woman, the less likely he will cheat. Furthermore, married women are 25% more likely to cheat on their partners because of marital issues.

Infidelity is a sign of dissatisfaction with a marriage. However, this is not always the case. It may simply be an uncontrollable narcissistic drive within the cheating partner; and it is a character flaw they do not have control over. Whether it is a relationship he’s dissatisfied with or just looking for a new challenge, narcissistic men in particular may turn to adultery as a means to an end. If your man is seeking a new relationship, you should consider his intentions and his honest ability to be faithful when weighing the pros and cons of staying in a committed relationship with them.

These are just a few things to keep in mind during this difficult time. It’s important to keep the communication lines open between you and your partner now more than ever. A sense of understanding and support is essential for a marriage to stay alive as well and it may benefit both of you to involve a loved one or trusted friend for some advice; and there is always professional help out there too. If you’re unable to communicate with your partner effectively, you’re more likely to find yourself walking down the path of infidelity and that of course, often leads to a divorce. For the woman left behind, it’s best to surround herself with loving and supportive friends and family members. Good luck out there, Ladies.